Rome Wedding, Italy


Rome Wedding, Italy

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A few months ago, my work as a destination wedding photographer took me to Rome, «The eternal city«. Elena & Giorgio live there, and I want to tell you their story; their wedding in Rome, Italy.

Rome is a city full of history and art in every corner, where you can simply stroll and travel to films like La Dolce Vita or The Great Beauty by the bests Paolo Sorrentino. It is a special city, where you can fall in love with each work of art that flows through the eternal city. From there Elena and Giorgio decided to contact a spanish wedding photographer.

And it’s been many months since we connected for the first time and they gave me the news that they were organizing all the details to celebrate a wedding in Rome. Could there be a better place to share such a romantic day? Yeah! The magical place they chose, one of the most special places in Rome.

Giorgio, the groom, shared his most intimate moment before the wedding, together with his family. They´d prepared a historic Jeep car to drive to the wedding venue.


Once Giorgio went to the wedding venue in Rome, Elena was at home with her family. i was loved her beautiful house in Rome that they both share, where history, art and her memories invade the house creating a super cozy atmosphere.

Elena is a person full of joy and that is the best way to continue enjoying every moment of her day.


When we arrived at the ceremony site, all their people were waiting to receive them and enjoy the short wedding ceremony they had prepared.


Once the wedding ceremony in Rome is over, we go to the best place to celebrate a wedding in Rome. A private setting steeped in roman history, from where you can enjoy views of the entire city of Rome. A perfect place to celebrate the best wedding in Rome.

There, in the garden of the venue, between Jazz and Aperol, all the guests were waiting eagerly to welcome the couple. It was a precious moment, it was a place to feel like the protagonist of the best italian romantic films. There was a great desire to enjoy and a very special wedding began.


The sun was going down and it was the best time to shoot a wedding session. As a wedding photographer, there are many favs destinations to narrate a wedding day, but doing a wedding photoshoot in Rome is very special. It keeps that inner flame alive, where history, art and the concept of photography are connected, being able to give your best version as a destination wedding photographer.

We take a break, where we can create a unique moment for the couple alone and be able to create a beautiful wedding session between the sunset of Rome and the corners of this very special place. Just them, in the most natural way.


The banquet was held in the cloister of the venue and was a candlelit wedding banquet filled with the best flowers in Rome by Maria Luisa Rocchi.

It was a fun banquet, full of toasts and memories from both families.
Once he finished, we moved to the garden again where he had prepared one of the best wedding cakes in Rome. It was a candy show that California catering Rome had put on.


That day in Rome there was a desire, yes, a great desire to party and to celebrate in style the wedding in Rome of Elena and Giorgio. Let’s go to party! Welcome to the Wedding Rome!


Over the years I learned to show gratitude, where to thank for every corner where my work as a photographer takes me. Today this is for you Elena and Giorgio, who from the first moment decided that my photographs would be responsible for their memory in the future. Your love is a gift and today this is for you. A lot of happiness!


Wedding Dress – Pronovias
Flowers – Maria Luisa Rocchi
Catering – California Catering Rome

Wedding in Rome | Alvaro Sancha | Rome Wedding, Italy

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