Hi, I am
Alvaro Sancha

Wedding Photographer in Spain

I ve always thought that the real reward isn´t to reach the end, is enjoy the journey. In this way, the company is essential so that the experience is the imprint that defines part of the story.

I’m Álvaro Sancha and I’m a wedding photographer

It´s a simple definition, but behind it there are endless passions, aptitudes, feelings and work… a lot of work. I could fill this space with adjectives that speak of me through the opinions of people close to me, but I think one is enough: natural.

And it´s that naturalness hides the essence of what defines me as a person. Above all, in my way of relating to others, where I let honesty and empathy be the engines that feed my restlessness and curiosity.

I am clear that being oneself is the first step to documenting stories to remember. But also in my way of seeing and living life.

Always leaving a good space for a sense of humor, in a critical and creative way through art and, also, as a continuous traveler of this world who teaches me every day how rewarding it is to go through its corners. And it is that from each trip I return with backpacks full of lived experiences. Unique moments that I keep forever thanks to the values that other cultures transmit to me.

To reach each goal I have had to walk a path that I have learned at every step. From my first jobs as a press photographer I have acquired a very close relationship with reality and the way of narrating it, with passion and attention to detail. That made me feel the pulse of the street and from it I was inspired to develop streetphoto and document each of my trips, very close to the day-to-day life of society. All of this you can be enjoyed at Latitude, my personal art gallery where you are welcome.

Actualy I also work with marketing agencies and give education SEO for photographers, because, for me, transmitting what I know is a gift.

But if something has forged my spirit and has given, in part, meaning to my steps, it has been the more than 10 years of pure adventure that I have lived as a wedding photographer. Being able to transmit all the emotions and feelings that fly over each report is one of the great reasons that mark my passion for the profession.

I like the adventure of someone who doesn’t take anything for granted, because from that learning comes the value of being unique and being able to demonstrate it through one’s own style. I also see that adventure in the streets, where the people who go through it teach me to keep my feet on the ground.

In this time I have known how to change the action of the day to day by the vibration of human feelings. I have learned to let myself go through them and transmit them as I feel them. Because few things are as gratifying as seeing in the eyes of couples the joy that my work brings them.

As a wedding photographer I have the opportunity to travel to make reports in places as special as Mexico, USA or some of the most beautiful places in Europe. From these trips, the companions I meet along the way remain with me forever.

I ve lucky to be able to learn every day from the best wedding photographers, with whom I have created a community in which I feel at home and who are a source of inspiration.

It is precisely that community that has made me continue along a path that now continues to grow thanks to RUMBO, the training project that I have founded together with two great colleagues and friends and that takes me to discover creative and special places and people. An entire photographic brotherhood that builds a bridge between Europe and America to connect the talent and visual culture that we share and, at the same time, makes us unique.

This walk has led me to be what I am today and, at the same time, that naturalness that inspires me can be felt in my photographs. I have always seen my work in an organic way where my gaze is, first, a witness of unique moments and, later, a creator of memories.

Everything has brought me here, where I try to reflect the naturalness that the north of Spain inspires me. The strength and tranquility that its coasts transmit to me, the connection with nature that I feel with its mountainous landscapes or the richness of its biodiversity. I fill my photographs with that luminosity, with an honest look that reflects the warmth of each moment.

I think that without that air of freedom with which I work, I would not be able to put myself in the shoes of the couple to transfer that unique emotion that I feel in each report. I am clear that creating to remember makes every effort worthwhile. People are memories, and around them we build our world.

If you ve enjoyed my work as much as I did carrying it out, my doors will always be open to serve u and meet you.

Thank u for visiting me and getting to know me more.

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