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Hello! My name is Alvaro Sancha and I am a wedding photographer in Miami.

Probably among your search for wedding photographer in Miami to prepare your wedding you have come to my website. This page is specially designed for couples like you, who are organizing their wedding in New York and looking for a wedding photographer to show them their work in depth.

I will tell you that I work in all places EEUU & Europe. I also love to travel, discover interesting places and meet new people while I can capture their beautiful love stories. On the web you can see an example of sessions in many corners.

Each couple is unique, each wedding is unique and therefore each photo session has to be different and personalized to each couple. That is why all seasons we make a limited series of weddings, to be able to serve couples as well as possible and dedicate the time it deserves. Since the value of photography on one of the most important days, is very large, so for me it is really important to be able to tell the story of your wedding in the best way, every detail is important and always under a documentary style, natural and without posadas, where the couple feels comfortable and does not miss and always enjoying your day and your people.

I want you to have the most beautiful wedding session you can have of that day.

If you liked my work, it will be a pleasure to meet you and be your wedding photographers in Miami.

You can write me a message through the following contact form (I will answer in less than 24 hours)


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Alvaro Sancha | Wedding photographers in Miami

If you want to view more you can see my most current work through  Instagram