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After messing with every corner of my website and my reports, you may have wondered who is behind all this. Right?… In this section I will tell you about myself.

My name is Alvaro Sancha. I am a wedding photographer and they say about me that I am a happy, curious, restless, observant, sociable, sincere and hard-working person. I am in love with natural light, the sea, the mountains and the Asturian landscape. I love travel and meeting new and interesting people who love what they do.

I like a sense of humor, creativity, art, driving and discovering places after losing you. You always discover something new …

I consider myself a lucky person, since day by day I can develop what I am most passionate about, telling stories through my camera. Yes, it may sound cliché, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

My professional career began as a press photographer, working in newspapers and agencies. A world that I am truly passionate about and that managed to guide my photographic vision. I like action and every day I learned to tell different news, stories and events.

After a while I decided to find an even better niche in photography and create my personal brand, where my creations bear my authorship. This changed events and news reports for happy human moments. In this way I began to photograph happier moments, entering the market as a wedding photographer and increasingly working internationally.

Thanks to my tireless attitude to improve and define my photography style, along the way I learned that photographs should be a reflection of you, your philosophy and your lifestyle. I learned that it is the best way to tell stories with your camera, always being yourself.

Today, travel, landscape, art, mountains, the sea, or different lifestyles are part of my photographic stories. Whether they are couple reports, wedding reports or individual sessions. There is always a story behind to tell.

Currently, I am very lucky to photograph wedding reports in a national and international scope. Thanks to social media and tools like Skype, Facetime, etc … distances don’t exist.

Besides being a wedding photographer, I also work for some communication, advertising and marketing agencies. I do product, interior design and fashion sessions for different firms.

As you can see, I speak well of my work: I am passionate about it and it makes me really happy. If you have enjoyed my work and are interested in it, I will be happy to assist you and meet you.

Thank you for visiting me.

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