Prewedding in Asturias

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Prewedding in Asturias

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Prewedding in Asturias

When I photograph a prewedding sessions in Asturias I highly value the experience that the couple can take away from the session. Everyone deserves a photo memories and usually as wedding photographers we work for couples who are´t used to exposing themselves in front of the camera. For this and other reasons, the concept of THE EXPERIENCE is very important to me, because it is the MEMORIES that we will finally have of what we experienced.

With Nora and Edu I decided to organize a report in Asturias where I could BREATHE and FEEL from the highest. From one of my favorite places in Asturias, El Fitu. A beautiful environment from which to disconnect from everything, enjoy privileged views of the peaks of Europe and thus create natural photographs for a couple’s session from enjoyment.

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This couples session i was a few days before their wedding at the Palacio de Luces, Asturias. It was a nice way to get to know each other and create a memory of that moment and their second land, Asturias.

Prewedding in Asturias | Alvaro Sancha Wedding photographer Spain

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